Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Masturbating Space Princess

In the vast expanse of space its such a shame there isn’t a guy with this hot Cosplayer to give her the throbbing cock that she desires. After all fighting aliens all day does make one hot and horny. Particularly when you are in skintight vinyl cat suit. What I would do to peal the form fitting outfit off of her and make her own fingers obsolete! 

Now the nice thing about this site despite having smoking hot naked Cosplayer doing hot nasty things to themselves and each other is that they have a bio on each girl. This is 23 year old Mia Lee. An avid PC gamer and between dressing up as a Space Princess she enjoys rocking Left4Dead, Half Life, KOTOR, Titan Quest and unsurprisingly Eve Online.

From Cosplay Erotica

Succubus Fucked by a Weary Traveler

Succubus for those that don’t know is a female demon. Happily they are usually smoking hot and quite horny hence the reason she sits impaled on a dick. Now when you hear the word “demon” you can usually expect things to end badly and indeed it usually does. But not all Succubi are malevolent. Pope Sylvester II in the year 1000 admitted on his deathbed to pounding one of these creatures and she was so appreciative for the dick she helped him rise to the level of pope. Where the hell do I find one of these?

Of course this is only a cosplayer in her demon getup. But I would imagine those horns would be handy to hold onto while you fuck the evil bitch from behind and listen to her unearthly moans of pleasure.

Two Cosplay Ninja Fucked by a Monster and Gangbanged

Well apparently in the Cosplay world failure at swordplay not only can be deadly but it can also get you raped by various monsters and strange Japanese men. Then again we wouldn’t be here if they won. Unless of course they decided to celebrate their victory with some hot lesbian cosplayer sex. 

In any case their loss instead of certain doom the girls are fucked by a variety of monsters including a tentacle  monster made up entirely of penises. Along with being fucked by a variety of evil bald men pounding the crap of the cosplay beauties.

Real world consequences for our heroines because I am sure if there were such things as monsters they would probably end up fucking you before giving you a long painful death.

From Cosplay Site

Lovely Geisha Cosplayer gives a Man a Good Time

While perhaps not the typical Cosplay theme a player in a Geisha outfit or even a Geisha herself is indeed an entertaining time. The Geisha has a long history with its origins being toward the beginning of the Dark Ages. They were not as commonly thought prostitutes but offered their clients  more than simply sex. They offered Refined entertainment.

Singing Dancing and Playing music were what these women did best in addition to the pleasures of sex.  Traditionally Maiko’s virginity were auctioned off to the highest bidder making this Cosplay scene quite hot.  While technically illegal today it still of course happens. 

This little number dressed in soft red satin both pleasures herself and her sponsor sucking and fucking him while he slowly fingers her well groomed pussy making delightful groans.

Cosplay Pirate Porn

We are back with beautiful Cosplayer girls this week with a Pirates of the Caribbean theme. This young lass is not the one being kidnapped but the one doing the kidnapping. 

Armed with a flintlock she is indeed an able foe on the high seas. And why not she is in good company for there have been plenty of female pirates though the ages though I doubt any of them have the assets that this lovely thing has. 

Anne Bonney is probably the best known female pirate. She terrorized the high seas until her capture in 1720. Ching Shih was another one supposedly commanding 1800 ships and 80,000 pirates!

But I would gladly walk the plank for this girl. The sexy swashbuckler bending over before me I would be tempted to squeeze her perfect ass and take her on a real ship ride.

Cosplay Tomb Raider Sex

I have always wanted to meet one of the designers of Laura Croft and find out just how much discussion was put into her tits.  Even for a computer game they are quite impressive. As the story goes Toby Guard accidently increased her breast size by 150 percent. As anyone can guess knows a room full of game design nerds argued passionately to keep the “feature”.

Thus we have our Lara Croft of today with a tight little ass and giant mammary glands to entertain us. I would have to speculate that realistically bouncing them caused a bit more work for the physics team.

Marylin as Amidala practicing with lightsaber

Amidala never had a lightsaber (as she wasn't a Jedi) nor Leia. But who cares - weekly cosplay/parody erotica as it's best, this time with Marylin (CE-exclusive girls), as an Amidala-Jedi-scifi-girl.

If you pay a little attention the cgi-scenes are getting better and better, just look at the details, shadows and so on...

Mara Jade Skywalker cosplayed by Angela

"I'm a fighter. I've always been a fighter. The few times when I have been at leisure, I've been miserable. I want challenges, I crave them." - Mara Jade Skywalker.

Okay, so this week's update is just so hot, I can't find the words. Angela is one of my favorite models, and I am also an SW fan, so You can imagine how much I love this series. So enjoy it!